UE4 Pie Graph/Chart Material

(Download link at the bottom)

In Tropical Manipulation, I need to display the share of customers that each player will receive, and communicate the price interaction mechanics (a lower price gets more customers, etc). For this I've created a pie graph/chart material, so that I can add an image widget and use it in UMG.

I actually posted an early version of this on the UE4 forums, but it was a basic version that only gave results like this:

Today I updated it to have gorgeous smooth edges (inter-slice and outside) and a sine fade over each slice:

To use it, download the .uasset file here and put it somewhere in your project's content directory. You can create a material instance from it and edit most settings, but you'll get more value opening it up and taking a look at how it all runs.

Feel free to use this in all your projects. An attribution/link-back is much appreciated but not required.

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