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Tropical Manipulation has been cancelled to focus all development time on GrabThrow. Below is what it ended up as.

Tropical Manipulation

"Fortune favours the bold, the beautiful, and the price setters."

- ChainMart Head-Office Proverb

Tropical Manipulation is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game in which 1-4 players manipulate an island's economy, government and each other to be crowned the Champion of Capitalism and keep their store open.


ChainMart, the giant, low-cost super-retailer is expanding into tourist destinations! However...

Due to corporate oversight, you and three other managers have opened ChainMart franchises on the same island...right next to each other! Head Office has sent word that only the best performing store will stay open, but this will be no ordinary competition – you and your competitors are the most conniving and amoral business owners capitalism has ever given birth to. Buying and selling your way to victory won’t be enough – you’ll need to cripple your rivals to stop them pulling ahead, and manipulate the economy, government and population to squeeze every last dollar you can out of these tourists.


  • Tabletop feel, digital implementation - experience the strategy of a boardgame in the power of a video game!

  • Price makers, not price takers - sell by setting competitive prices and letting the customers decide how much they'll buy!

  • Simultaneous turns - no waiting while players cycle through a turn order!

  • Take-that! mechanics - directly and indirectly trip up opponents while pushing your own store's profit margins forward!

  • Symmetrical start, randomised state - win matches through your superior strategy, not your luck!

  • Super-cool, unannounced singleplayer features - dream about what these could be until they're announced closer to release (2017)!


Tropical Manipulation is currently on indefinite hiatus while GSG focuses on its new title (to be announced). Tropical Manipulation's development status is Alpha, with the core game, most supporting systems and classic multiplayer implemented. Remaining are two more supporting mechanics, Steam integration and the overlying singleplayer systems.

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Remove stock from competitors
Balance your pricing against other players!
Enact laws to tip the scales in your favour!
Different segment sizes each match!
Business tip: the volcano god of capitalism will always pay for employees!

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